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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for preventive, curative or wellness purposes. It has a therapeutic purpose when its objective is to treat a specific symptom, whether physical or emotional, but it can also provide serenity and relaxation.


What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a liquid concentrated in vegetable substances, obtained by extraction or distillation of volatile molecules from the original plant.


How do I determined the quality of an essential oil?

Several factors can determine the quality of an essential oil:

• the guarantee of botanical recognition

• the plan or organ producing the essential oil

• the chemotype of the plant

• the method of cultivation 

The guarantee of botanical recognition corresponds to the exact Latin name of the plant, which will allow us to know its exact variety within the botanical species. For example: Ocimum basilicum for tropical basil.

Depending on the producing organ, the essential oil may have totally different properties and use, as in the case of the essential oil of Orange tree for example.

The chemotype, also called the chemical type of the plant, is a precise reference that indicates the main and distinctive biochemical component present in the essential oil. This element makes it possible to distinguish essential oils extracted from the same botanical variety but with different biochemical compositions.

The chemotype is identified by chromatographic and spectrometric analysis that recognizes and identifies the molecules. This essential classification makes it possible to select essential oils for a more precise, safe and efficient use.

The method of cultivation is a determining criterion for quality and allows you to know if a product is organic.


Why choose an organic essential oil? 

Organic essential oils are above all a guarantee of quality. They meet very strict specifications, ensuring optimal quality. It makes it possible to obtain pure, healthy active ingredients, without pesticides or petrochemical products.

It is also a guarantee of efficiency. To defend themselves against external aggressions, plants produce active molecules. However, the use of pesticides reduces the need for plants to defend themselves and therefore the production of these active molecules.


Can I choose an essential oil alone?

Yes, however, if this is the first time you use essential oils, you must ensure that these products are compatible with your body. Always do a skin test beforehand on the fold of the elbow. If you experience a strong skin reaction, it is best to avoid this essential oil. Your choice of oil should be specific for the use.

Be careful and in case of doubt always seek advice from a specialist (doctor or pharmacist). In the case of children, essential oils should be recommended by a health care professional.

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Can I use an essential oil that is more than one year old?

The limited period of use of an essential oil is difficult to evaluate, as it depends in particular on storage conditions. It must be kept away from heat and direct sunlight.

Most essential oils can be stored for at least 3 years. However, an essential oil is considered outdated in the following cases:

• it was fluid and becomes viscous

• the smell has changed from its original smell

• its colour has become darker than its original colour

All Le Comptoir Aroma products have a expiry date.

For oils that are more volatile, it is recommended to use them within 3 years.


Can we try mixing different combinations?

Yes, but you have to make sure that the precautions for use are respected. Each essential oil has specific virtues and the combination of several oils will create a real synergy in their action. We recommend you to seek the advice of a specialist before mixing essential oils and learn the precautions to take when using them.


Can I keep my Le Comptoir Aroma essential oils outside their aluminium tube?

The aluminum tube offers maximum protection because the essential oils are very sensitive to light. Although protected in its amber glass bottle, it is best to keep your essential oil in its aluminum tube.


How many drops of essential oils should I put in my diffuser?

Please refer to your diffuser’s manual.